Should Church Be Trendy?

About once a month, I’ll come across an article or blog post about church “trends.” Like a poke in the side, these always make me wince.

Should church be trendy?

On the one hand, I absolutely believe that we should seek to communicate the gospel clearly to every generation. This means being aware of and connecting the truths of scripture to each generation’s deepest concerns and true needs.

However, I also believe that the gospel is more powerful than we give it credit for. It doesn’t need our fancy lights and sound, our skinny jeans, our facial hair du jour, our coffee bars, our clever sermons, our designer logos and brands. It alone is the power of God for salvation.

Furthermore, trendy can too easily become market-driven. It asks, “What do people want?” rather than “What do people truly need?”

People need truth. They need to know what will stand the test of time. There are truths of Scripture that are not trendy. These truths are decidedly counter-cultural, and demand a rearrangement of our priorities and our personal desires. Making Jesus the leader of every area of our life is not fashionable. Living in community is not easy or comfortable.

People also need real relationships. They need someone they can trust, someone without a personal agenda. In times of personal crisis, they will look for the person with whom they have the deepest relationship, not the place that looks the coolest.

Trends, by definition, are fleeting. They are based on cultural preferences and standards instead of timeless truths.

Instead of trendy, focus on trustworthy.

Angie WardComment