Have You Created A Monster?

Have you dreamed up a ministry or program so big that it is eating you alive?

I'm all for bold vision. But sometimes we bite off more than we can chew or create more than we can maintain.

I once knew a children's ministry director who dreamed up an exciting new Sunday program. The idea was bold and compelling, but it would require a lot of volunteers to make it happen -- around 200 "slots" over the course of the year. The problem was that the whole church had fewer than 100 people! She wondered why she couldn't find enough volunteers to make the ministry happen.

It can happen with worship services, with age-level ministries, with support ministries such as administration, with technology, and with organization-wide efforts such as building campaigns and all-church programs. It’s relatively easy to dream up something big, and even to build it.. But then that big beast requires constant care and feeding in the form of time, energy, personnel, and money.

Sometimes it's not the staffing or financial needs that overwhelm us. It could be our failure to acknowledge our own limitations, or an overestimation of our own importance. (News flash: God can work powerfully without all your bells and whistles!) We are easily seduced into overcommitment, perhaps justifying it in the name of greater impact. But whether for lack of external or internal resources, the results are the same: fatigue, resentment and potential burnout.

If you're feeling any of those at the moment, consider whether perhaps you have a created a monster that needs to be shrunk down to reasonable size.

What monsters have you created in your ministry?

Angie Ward