It's Time To Clean Your Garage

The start of a new year is a great time to take stock of the extra junk you’ve accumulated during the last 12 months. I don’t just mean your material possessions; I’m talking about the additional leadership responsibilities, unresolved conflicts, and other stressors you’ve taken on and carried for the past year or more. Like a stuffed garage, it happens gradually: you agree to something “for now,” finding an empty corner and vowing you’ll only keep it for a little while. But before you know it, your garage is so full that you can barely squeeze your car in among all the clutter.

So, it’s time to clean your garage. Set aside a day and take stock of everything you’ve accumulated. Literally make a list of everything currently taking space in the form of your time and energy. Then, start sorting and tossing. Organize, give away, or throw away anything that is taking too much space or weighing you down. Perhaps pretend that you are moving and have to start over. (If you’ve been fantasizing about a fresh start, that’s a strong clue that you have accumulated too much junk.) Enlist the help of an objective outsider, such as a therapist, mentor, or coach, if you have trouble deciding what to jettison and what to keep.

Effective ministry requires space to move and breathe. It’s time to tackle that garage.

Angie Ward