Welcome to Church Matters, a community for men and women who love and lead the Church. I’m Angie Ward, a ministry and leadership teacher, writer, and question-asker.

After nearly 30 years serving the Church, I am more passionate than ever about the power and potential of God’s gathered people, and about my calling to develop leaders for faithful, fruitful, and fulfilling Kingdom ministry. Church Matters is a convergence of these passions.

However, instead of suggesting simple solutions, my goal is to get you to think about the assumptions behind the answers — the ideas, questions, trends, principles, and perspectives that impact the global and local church in its various expressions. I’ll share my own learning and experience as well as interviews, research, and insights from a variety of thinkers and practitioners from around the world. I’ll generally publish new posts on Mondays, with plenty of questions to chew on between posts.

If you believe that church matters, I welcome you to join this conversation about Church Matters.